Olympiad Super Bowl Forms

Women’s USAG

Send us your entry through USAG Meet Reservation.  Log in to USAG and choose the Club Administrator tab on left and then click Meet Reservation.  USAG Meet Reservation directions

Entry Form Fees:

Super Bowl Challenge Entry Form Worksheet 2018

Entry Deadline is  November 15, 2017.

  • Levels 2-5 & Xcel  $90
  • Levels 6-10  $105
  • Team $50 per level 

Leo’s will be given to all the athletes.  The sizing chart is below. Please email your Leo sizes to  SuperBowlChallenge@High5meets.com.

Garland Leo sizing Chart

Meet Info:  SuperBowlChallenge@High5meets.com

Meet Director:  Heather Baechle

All correspondences via email only at  SuperBowlChallenge@High5meets.com

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